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ISAA Formally Endorses Kyle Wolber for AAA Region III Director

The Illinois State Ambulance Association is proud to endorse Kyle Wolber for the American Ambulance Association Region III Director.

Currently serving as Director of Logistics for Illinois-based Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service, Kyle has served his community and country through his service in EMS and the United States Army. Following 4 generations of his family, Kyle found his own passion for these institutions, starting his EMS career in 2006 as an EMT-B. While volunteering in this role, he also worked for his local United States Congressman running a district office before moving to the Washington D.C. office to provide research and recommendations on policy issues. He then joined the Army, serving 4 years as a combat soldier and 4 years as an investigative officer.

Returning to his passion in EMS, Kyle joined Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service as a part-time EMT 7 years ago where he was quickly promoted into management. Further, in his appointed volunteer role as fire commissioner, he is also responsible for the human resource management of all paramedics and firefighters.

Firmly believing the continued strength and success of the American Ambulance Association (AAA) is vital to the sustainability and growth of the private ambulance service sector in our nation, Kyle has volunteered in leadership roles in the AAA over the last year and desires to continue to serve as your Region III Director. It has been a great privilege for him, as a Region III Director, to help navigate difficulties facing our industry, particularly with balanced billing, Medicare reimbursement, and the staffing crisis. Furthermore, it has been an honor to Vice-Chair the build out of the new and successful EMS Next program to bring up and coming leaders into the AAA.

When re-elected, his focus will be to assure AAA continues to work the issues at hand to meet members’ needs, engage with the members of Region III to see how the AAA can better serve you, and continue to work hard to bring your perspective to our industry.


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