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ISAA Advocacy

As EMS providers, we strive to bring our communities quality, affordable health care transportation. But we can't do this alone.

The Illinois State Ambulance Association members and staff work tirelessly to build and maintain relationships with local, state, and federal policymakers to do just that: create the best environment for patients and health care professionals so that Illinois can have access to the highest quality of health care available.

Through education, awareness, and the support from our Champions of Health Care, we’re improving health care standards for all our citizens.

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EMS Personnel

Annual turnover rate of Paramedics & EMTs is now roughly 35-40% statewide. Over the past few years, these health care heroes have been working harder than ever, however, scarcity in state and federal funding has led to shortages in staff due to the inability of EMS providers to offer competitive wages. This has forced many in the field to look for higher paying, less stressful employment opportunities elsewhere.

Due to lack of funding, EMS providers must spend valuable resources recruiting and retaining staff, working excessive hours, and pleading with elected officials for literally life saving revenue, instead of performing the task they are trained to do – saving lives.

We as a state must do better. We need to adequality fund our EMS providers to ensure Illinois communities are serviced by a seasoned, professional workforce.

Offsetting Essential Lifesaving Costs 

​Inflation and the rising costs of goods and services impact all Illinoisans. Our frontline, first responders are no different; the everyday cost of goods and services EMS providers use to save lives is more expensive than ever.

And as as frontline health care professionals, our emergency response teams rely heavily on fuel and lifesaving equipment to protect our communities. However, we cannot adequately maintain our emergency medical services without the ability to offset these rising costs.

Our lifesaving staff have no way to negotiate higher rates for these goods and services, further compounding an already dire health care situation. That is why we and our Champions of Health Care are working to update the inadequate state and federal funding levels. 

Medicare / Medicaid 

Roughly 80% of all EMS revenue in Illinois comes from Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements. However, current Medicare / Medicaid reimbursement rates for services provided by our frontline Paramedics and EMTs are critically low. These underfunded rates contribute to an already dire EMS structure.

Our EMS professionals here in Illinois put their health and wellbeing on the line for our local communities. However, due to lack of state and federal funding, our frontline EMTs and Paramedics lack the resources and compensation to adequartely perform their truly lifesaving work.

Together with our Champions of Health Care, we are working to tackle these issues, pushing for our state and federal budget to include a Medicare and Medicaid increases.


Champions of Health Care

ISAA is dedicated to promoting and endorsing elected officials who support frontline health care providers in Illinois.

Each of our Champions of Health Care are allies of the ISAA, and are committed to three essential principles to bring quality, affordable health care to Illinois:

  • Supporting EMS providers who are building and maintaining a reliable, skilled workforce.

  • Ensuring basic and specialty EMS supplies are sufficiently funded to allow for the continued protection of our communities.

  • Advocating fair Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement rates for our lifesaving EMS professionals. 

As such, each of Champions of Health Care are committed to improving the health care system in Illinois by being an endorsed ally of the ISAA.

Thank you to all of our Champions of Health Care.

Champions of Health Care
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