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EMS Is Essential To Our Health Care System

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

How each step of EMS keeps our health care system functioning.

911/EMS Response

911 Response and EMS transports are the frontline infrastructure of Illinois' health care system and are provided by both public & private ambulance providers throughout the state.

Our Paramedics and EMTs respond to our state's citizens when they are at their most vulnerable.

Responses include acute illness, heart attack, stroke and trauma patients who need to be treated onsite and transported to the nearest emergency department.

Essential Interfacility CARE

Essential Interfacility Care is predominately provided by the private systems throughout Illinois and are required for the most vulnerable patients needing higher-level or specialized care.

Ambulance resources ensure patients receive the right treatment at the right place at the right time, especially those with a time critical diagnosis.

Essential Transports include patients needing advanced specialty care such as cardiology, neurology, neonatal, burn units, trauma surgery or higher-level treatments not provided by the 911 receiving facility.

Most Essential Interfacility Care patients need ambulance services to safely discharge them to their long-term care or rehab facility.


911 Response and Essential Interfacility Care are equally essential in keeping the health care system in Illinois running.

Currently, every stage of patient services is delayed due to shortages in ambulance resources and funding, creating backlogs in our health care systems which are detrimental to patient care.


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